Gorbachev London Gala


Gorbachev London Gala

Project scope
The design of the second annual Russian Charity Gala, created in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace, for 500 celebrity guests. The midsummer Gala is held to raise money for the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation for child cancer.

In order to promote the newly founded charity, the client sought the creation of a startling evening event that would attract the most high profile guests in Europe and gain international notoriety to support forthcoming annual galas. Guest performers included Sir Elton John, Scissor Sisters and the Russian Kirov Ballet. The gala was host to, among others, Sir Bob Geldof, Salman Rushdie and Ralph Fiennes.

President Mikhail Gorbachev and Alexandre Lebedev

As architect: auditorium, set and landscape design
As designer: furniture, lighting
As creative director: culinary concept, all performance elements, costuming, hair and makeup to all performers and staff, all associated graphic material

Urban Caprice: www.urbancaprice.co.uk

Project details
The construction phase of the project was of two months duration, and included the new build of a dining and auction auditorium, two bespoke waterways, a birch forest set, and an additional 14 stages for performance vignettes located throughout the palace grounds. Costuming, performance, lighting and sound were all an integral part of the design, and created with equal attention to detail.

Ignoring conventions typically associated with such ‘gala’ functions, Rebecca created an experience with architectural nous and a fashion conscience. Guests arrived at a Russian inspired ‘hunting dacha’, situated in the Palace deer park. A causeway was designed to take guests across two bespoke lakes, reflecting a birch forest, within which was an intimate terraced dining auditorium.

The evening raised £1million pounds for charity

‘Possibly the most jaw-dropping event Grazia has ever attended’ -Grazia magazine

‘Party of the Year’ -Tatler Magazine