Pineapple On Parnell


Pineapple On Parnell

Project Scope
To consult on the creation of a sophisticated bar to suit both a youthful and mature clientele, and to re-energize the once vibrant Parnell Road, Auckland

Christopher Richwhite, Dana Johnson, Joseph Schmidt

As design consultant: Consulted on internal and external architectural elements, as well as collaborating on the branding of ‘Pineapple on Parnell’

Proprietor and Producer: Christopher Richwhite
Interior Designer: Camilla Temple
Photographer: Pablo Veiga

Project details
The concept of a super-atmospheric candle-lit space on a main road of Auckland required a rethink of the typical bar - street relationship. Rebecca worked with the client to ensure the bar remained discreet and unbranded, identified only with a minimal spotlit brass pineapple door knocker, ones only access to the exclusive space beyond. In addition, Rebecca designed a series of stained glass windows, which, whilst suggestive of the skin of the Pineapple, also reference the leadlight details found on Parnell’s original stone library. The multi-coloured glass panes provide privacy to those who drink within, and the flickering, coloured candle light intrigues and entices those without.