Project scope
The design of a formal yet relaxed wedding dress


As creative director: dress design

Heirloom Couture: www.heirloomcouture.com

Project details
True to Rebecca's innovative and multi disciplinary approach, this wedding dress has its roots less in a world of white satin and lace than one inspired by coarse upholstery and bold furnishings. The simultaneous yet unrelated design of Caravan restaurant in London inspired Rebecca to consider the use of hessians, calicos, and bold graphic fabrics, otherwise used in furniture design.

The bare bones of the dress consist of a heavily ‘upholstered’ bustle, with a highly structured raw linen underskirt. The outer dress is finished in appropriately symbolic hydrangea upholstery. Worn with original ballet flats, the feel is relaxed yet appropriately suited to an item worn once in a lifetime.