New Zealand born founder Rebecca Richwhite has been studying and practicing architecture and design for over 20 years.

Rebecca’s work is dedicated to directing projects which require creative flair. Her projects have an architectural and spatial bias, although she also designs interiors, installations, parties and events, product launches, fashion and branding.

The ethos of her work finds its roots in testing new ideas through integrating various creative disciplines, allowing one medium / scale / process to influence the next in a very fluid way. This process is illustrated, from concept to completion, in the project image sequences shown on this website.

Although there is a strong modus operandi, there is no particular aesthetic formula to which Rebecca subscribes. Rather a tailored service is provided, delivered in a way that extends the client’s ambitions and produces original and thought provoking design, whilst maintaining a high degree of sensitivity to a client’s needs.

Rebecca can act exclusively for a client, although more often she collaborates with architectural, interior, and / or project management teams as creative director. Too often architects and other specialists become inundated with the logistics and technicalities of a project, and lose creative energy in the realisation process. Employing Rebecca Richwhite as an independent creative consultant will ensure a superior outcome for a client, with a focus on design flair and originality.